Friday, February 10, 2012

Kingdoms of Amalur: DLC

What's going on everyone, two of the games I have been playing have just released or announced some DLC that I thought I would go into.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning just released its first bit of DLC.  An Armor and weapons bundle that cost around 5 bucks US.  I have posted a video so you can view and how to install the DLC Here
Now I could kinda see someone who didn't get any preorder bonus throwing down five bucks for a great set of starting armor and weapons, but anyone who played the demo and got the commander shepard armor or anyone who has a preorder bonus, this very much has an Oblivion horse armor feel to it.  Especially considering the game was just released on Tuesday.
Now on the other hand, a game released on the same day (US) Gotham City Imposters that has announced that they are going to release a new DLC come march that will include a new map, new weapons, new support item, new costumes, and some game play upgrades.  All for the low low price of Free!  You can see the full Announcement Here

Now, I understand that KoA:Reckoning is a high budget title that's development was probably infinitely more expensive and Gotham City has its own hoard of optional DLC to buy.  So I am not commending KoA, but there is a customer service element that I think is missing from publishers.  The feeling you get when a budget title ($15) announces a free actual DLC.  You feel like when something is minor with your food order and the restaurant takes it off the bill.  Like, they didn't have to do that, but I'll remember that they did.

KoA is more like McDonalds charging you .25 cents for that extra sauce packet.  You understand, but...

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